KBee's Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions
Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with your choice of instruction. We are not a chain, which gives us some flexibility in scheduling and we are able to adjust our approach so that the fundamentals are delivered in a way that each learner can relate to. We know that learning to drive is an important step and a huge responsibility, and there are often many questions. Here are some that we hear most often, based on our experience. If you have additional questions, please CONTACT US.

I'm sure things have changed since I got my license, where can I find out more about the current laws?

Go to www.njmvc.gov to see the current NJ driving manual, laws, and other pertinent info about obtaining a license in NJ.

This is my first child, and I'm concerned about safety - what safety measures does KBee's follow?

Instructors must undergo an extensive training course to become certified as a NJ Driving Instructor. Similar to traditional classroom teachers, fingerprinting and background checks are performed and must be kept current. Instructors maintain skills and keep in touch with trends and legislation, participating in continuing education opportunities and memberships with the Driving School Association of NJ. 

The vehicle meets NJ Driver Education standards, and is designed in accordance with the state regulations for instruction and testing. KBee's trainer car is a Toyota Corolla, meticulously maintained and equipped with instructor controls for added safety.   

What does the Teen Driving Package entail?

Initially, KBee's will meet with driver and parent/guardian to complete paperwork and payment and answer questions. 

KBee's will pick up your driver at a pre-arranged location (after school, after work, at your home, etc.).  We escort the student through the paperwork and process at the Motor Vehicle Commission, and once that is in place the student becomes the driver and is guided through the behind-the-wheel course. Once completed successfully, KBees will process the permit and make sure that the approved permit reaches the student driver in a timely fashion so they can get down to practicing!

Will the student be driving the entire session? 

The instructor drives the student to Motor Vehicle, and once the paperwork is submitted and the eye test is complete, the student becomes the driver. Throughout the sessions the student driver will learn and practice all aspects of road safety and driving according to the NJMVC Driver Manual (http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/Manuals/drivermanual.pdf). Driving sessions are balanced with breaks that allow students to use the restroom or grab a snack while practicing skills such as parking and maneuvering a drive-thru. Students enjoy being able to make their first drive-thru purchase or park at the restaurant or store of their choice and have time to take a break, and we encourage them to bring their own money to do so. While parked students also have time to ask questions (so they are not distracted while driving), and are given resources and worksheets to review. 

What happens after the course? 

Permits are taken back to NJMVC and validated with a road test appointment and then mailed. It is recommend that you drive as often as you can - the more practice you have the better able you will be able to manage the road ahead (literally!). The more driving time you accumulate on your permit, the better prepared you are for the driving test. If you feel that you need additional help before the test, we offer a refresher course. In fact, we can also be there on the day of your test (and you can even make arrangements to use the KBees car!). 

What if I can't use my car for my road test? 

If a vehicle is not equipped with a parking brake in the center console, or has a console blocking access to the pedals, NJMVC will not allow that car to be used for a road test. KBee's can provide our training car for road tests (can be scheduled when permits are picked up) and can offer a refresher course/test car package for your convenience. 

What if a driver has special needs? 

Our goal is to educate, promoting safety and confidence in our new drivers. Because we are a small, family-run business we are able to recognize the needs of different learners and provide a teaching style to accommodate those needs. We have been successful in training students with different IEPs, nervous drivers, teens, the elderly, and more. Feel free to contact us to help us better address your special needs. 

Do you provide training for the Driver Improvement Program, Probationary Driver Program, or Remedial Driver Education? 

We are in the process of obtaining the certification and materials for delivering these courses.  Check back to our website soon for official details.

Where can I find more information on taking the driving test? 

You can find more information on taking the driving test at www.drivingtests101.com.